Friday, June 17, 2011

Its all about the Toys III

Muppets and more muppets. I loved the show and the movies, and of coarse Sesame Street. If I had to pic favorites it would be a toss up between The Swedish Chef, Beaker and Animal.

 This is the whole series including most exclusives. 

As you can see I also have the 12 inch muppets as well as the original puppet muppets from the 70's...also seen above is a set of extremely hard to find action figures of one of my favorite Hanna-Barbera cartoons from the 60's... the Herculoids.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Its all about the Toys II

forgot to mention Underdog and crew in the last pic...Here's some more. I still have some re-arranging to do (a never ending task) to put Towelie,  Butters, frozen Kenny and  Satan into the display.


AAaahhh Southpark, no explanation needed! The first line I didn't feel the need to get all the characters they released, BUT wish they would have released more from the show. seemed they stopped producing figures around season five, and if your a fan of the show you know there is a plethora of characters you wish they would/could tackle. They have recently begun re-releasing the core characters again at Toysrus and I'm hoping they will continue this by adding in some new characters...time will tell.

Space Ghost
Thundarr the Barbarian
Blue Falcon and Dynomutt

Monday, June 13, 2011

Its all about the Toys

Ironically only a select few have seen my collection in all its glory. Of those, only 1 actually collects toys, and then only passively, so I've never really gotten to "show off" the collection to those that collect or can appreciate it the way I do. YES, everybody that sees the newly dubbed Mancave, formally the Goober room, oohs and aahhs over the sheer vastness of it. My nephews Braydon and Mason actually know a lot of the characters because of the Marvel Superheros cartoon as well as Batman the Brave and the Bold cartoon....but kids will marvel at any collection of toys, whether it is displayed in cabinets or thrown  all over the floor ready to be played with.
As much as I enjoy showing non collector friends and kids my collection, I've always wanted to hear back from other collectors who can appreciate it for what its is. to be jealous that I have a piece they have always wanted, or in awe that I have achieved a level that they one day hope to ascend to....not in a braggadocios way, but rather a collectors giddy throwback to the younger years of childhood wonderment and awe.

Backstory: My collecting mentality started with comic books. I read and collected comics since I could read, my imagination ran wild at the possibility that I could one day use those same powers as my favorite heroes and villains to rule the imaginary world anyway.  Remember when kids had an imagination? this is of coarse the days before the Internet and video games and 400 channels of TV....anyway I continued this hobby until about 1998 when something newer and cooler caught my interest (other than girls, partying and adult beverages of coarse) a company called Toybiz started to make action figures of Marvel superheros.
Cool! now I can have action figures of my favorite superheros....soon after that a former comic artist started his own toy company and revolutionized the action figure industry.... the rest, as they say, is history.

Instead of showing everything all at once, I'm going to post a  couple of pictures a day, so as not to overwhelm you the reader and so you won't miss anything.


I Love this show, and watched each episode over and over again when it aired on Cartoon Network. I have everything released to date by Toynami, including 3 of the 4 original releases from Moore Action Collectables in 2000, The 4Th character was the ship itself.
I just picked up the new 9 inch talking bender that says over 12 phrases from the show, and Toynami announced more figures including the robot mafia, Lerr, Morbo, Gender Bender, and a HUGE Wrestling robot at this years SDCC. Also included in the pic is almost all of the Kidrobot blind box figures. the ones I'm missing are the accursed "Chase" figures of Robot Devil and the handy man.


Who doesn't love Popeye? I used to watch Popeye cartoons on the Bozo show when I was a kid, and the memories have stuck with me ever since. Mezco put these out around 2004/5 and I had to have them all. Included is the hard to find Seahag, Alice the Goon, and Pappy. As well as the black and white set in the back middle and the pvc set in the front.

Pink Panther

Pink Panther cartoon debuted in the late 70's and was half based on the movie of the same name. Palisades toys produced these for only one year in 2005, then went out of business. Palisades is the same company that made the incredible Muppet's line.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Evil Toy Monger begins!

Well kids here it is, the first post of my very own blog. I think it fitting that my first post should be about my alter ego the Evil Toy Monger, a name given to me by my long time friend Jenni Gregory years ago in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.
At this years Mega Con in Orlando, Fl. a company called " iam enterprises" offered 3D comic sculptures of you as a hero or villain. The examples they had on display looked exactly like the models that were there, and the best part was they were only $49. They gave you three facial poses to choose from angry, normal, or smiling and let you preview what the sculpt would look like before you paid...8 weeks later this 5 1/2 inch beauty arrived at casa de monger.  I was overjoyed at the results and would encourage anyone interested in having a sculpt of themselves to get it done. You could also have them paint it in any colors you choose for and additional price, but I chose to finish the piece myself.

Go check them out at