Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thar be Dragons

Mcfarlane Toys made some excellent lines before he decided to just do Halo and Sports figures and amongst those was his Dragons line. My collection represents ALMOST everyone he made except for a couple of stinkers. These sculpts are things of beauty to my eye, and I could care less if they had articulation or not. I wished he had continued the line, or come up with a new line based on creatures of mythology. Not his take on it, but rather follow the more realistic approach he did with this line...aaaahhhh one can dream.

Please don't look at the dust, like I said I've been very busy with school and there are some things I just don't have time for, like dusting the collection.

I have the three headed hydra dragon, but he's too big to display at the moment, so he guards my industrial size shredder. You'll also notice Draco from the Dragonheart and the dead horse thing with dragon wings from Harry Potter. I also have all the figures from "How to train your Dragon", but again, no room.

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