Thursday, August 11, 2011

2011 SDCC Hasbro Exclusives

Just got in my Hasbro SDCC exclusives package, and I'm extremely pleased with everything I got. first up is the Extremely large Sentinel on card. It came in a HUGE carrying case, and inside is the 18 inch Sentinel on a card like you would see regular action figures on, except its 28 inches long by 18 inches wide. The Sentinel itself says over 12 different phrases and is highly articulated. I plan on leaving this one "on card" and pick up two more from Toyrus when they come out. I expect these to be hard to find in the near future, because collectors will army build these guys. meaning they will buy as many as they can afford to build their own army. this is kind of an offshoot or sideline collection in the action figure collector world.

Next is the Spiderman Mighty Mugg exclusive with material mask that can be taken off to reveal Peter Parker. Hasbro did a whole line of Marvel Mighty Muggs until about two yrs ago when they just stopped making them. Hopefully they are on hiatus and will continue making these cool vinyl representations of our favorite Marvel characters.

Next up is the Avengers Mini Mugg set. as mentioned above the Mighty Muggs line has been on a hiatus with only a miniscule amount of characters coming out at retail. Here we have a Mighty Mugg Giant man, with mini mugg Avengers. Thor is an all new sculpt, and since he is one of my favorite Marvel characters, I had to have the doesn't hurt that the Avengers movie will be out next year as well.

And lastly the Return of Marvel Legends with exclusive THOR with lightning eyes and hammer, and a special Mjolnir (Thor's hammer) package...excellent sculpt, super cool packaging, and a well deserved comback of one of the most popular lines of action figures in years past.

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