Friday, June 10, 2011

Evil Toy Monger begins!

Well kids here it is, the first post of my very own blog. I think it fitting that my first post should be about my alter ego the Evil Toy Monger, a name given to me by my long time friend Jenni Gregory years ago in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.
At this years Mega Con in Orlando, Fl. a company called " iam enterprises" offered 3D comic sculptures of you as a hero or villain. The examples they had on display looked exactly like the models that were there, and the best part was they were only $49. They gave you three facial poses to choose from angry, normal, or smiling and let you preview what the sculpt would look like before you paid...8 weeks later this 5 1/2 inch beauty arrived at casa de monger.  I was overjoyed at the results and would encourage anyone interested in having a sculpt of themselves to get it done. You could also have them paint it in any colors you choose for and additional price, but I chose to finish the piece myself.

Go check them out at


  1. That's insane! It looks Photoshopped! I definitely have to get one if they're at MegaCon next year.

  2. Holeee cow! What Kenny said. Why didntcha tell us about this ya goob! Welcome to the blogger life by the way. Can't wait to see full pictures of the museum!