Friday, June 17, 2011

Its all about the Toys III

Muppets and more muppets. I loved the show and the movies, and of coarse Sesame Street. If I had to pic favorites it would be a toss up between The Swedish Chef, Beaker and Animal.

 This is the whole series including most exclusives. 

As you can see I also have the 12 inch muppets as well as the original puppet muppets from the 70's...also seen above is a set of extremely hard to find action figures of one of my favorite Hanna-Barbera cartoons from the 60's... the Herculoids.


  1. I only had the "Animal" puppet years ago! I think my Mom gave it away to someone! Can you believe it? I'm so sad! It was my favorite puppet ever!!!

    I can't believe all this stuff you have Cary! You are too funny! You live in the world of Toys! lol. :) It's fun to look at.

  2. Thanks Esly, but this is only a tiny part of my collection, I have a ton of stuff I still need to put up, so stay tuned!